Board of Directors and Executive Staff

Board Members
Jill Zelenko, President
Steven Friedman, MD, Vice President
Peter Epp, Treasurer
Jay Greenbaum, Secretary
Eli Wolfson, Director
Stanley Wald, Director
David Wolfson, MD, Director                                                                      Marc Nagelberg, Director                                                                             Brian Cunningham, Director

Scott L. Barkin, PhD, Executive Director
Theano Kehayes
, Director of Finance
Dr. Edward J. Celmer, Medical Director
Mary Ellen O'Driscoll, Human Resources Director
Lisa Armband, Director of Corporate Compliance, QA and Training
Andy Goolcharan, Director of Information Technology

Program Administration
Paul Blaise, Director of Residential Services
Andy Goolcharan, Director of Adult Day Services
Amy Conforti-Kelly, PhD, Director of Children's Services
Barbara D'Amico, Director of Family Support Services
Venus Cotto-Reyes, Director of Clinical Services

Block Institute 376 Bay 44th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214
 Phone: (718) 906-5400Fax: (718) 714-0197
 Compliance Hotline: (718) 906-5494
 After Hours Number: (800) 285-5091